Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari”



Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” is ideal for any client. National, foreign, institution or family, we serve all. Its location near the city of La Paz, the exceptional beauty of its landscape, exquisite design of its infrastructure, the tranquility and silence of its surroundings and the powerful energies of the land make any occasion a special one.

Our buildings are finely designed and elaborated using local materials, with the goal of making them comfortable, elegant and fitting for a wonderful visit.

One of the basic concepts behind our structures is energy efficiency and conservation. The buildings made of clay in the La’kauta fashion passively store solar power, which in turn is used to heat our rooms and spaces at night.

The Palca Canyon, "el Valle de Las Ánimas" and the Laguna de Las Ánimas, are considered natural monuments by the department of La Paz and therefore there is an effort to protect their geological formations, flora, and fauna.

Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” is an experience you won’t want to miss. The beauty, magic and mysticism of our place will ensure you have a peaceful, comfortable and life warming stay.

We Offer:

  • Lodging

Capacity for 40 people in different types of lodging. Family cabins, double bedrooms, an event and conference room, international and national cuisine, Andean rituals and beliefs, explanatory video about Andean Cosmology.

  • Adventure

Due to our location and infrastructure we are able to offer many different activities for you to enjoy.

One to five hour hikes, passing through diverse terrains such as the Palca Canyon, el Valle de Las Animas and the local community of Camiraya.

Mountain bike through local communities or ride an ATV through the Palca Canyon in tours of two to six hours (these activities are accompanied by capable and knowledgeable guides).

Horseback ride on docile and loving horses through unforgettable landscapes.

  • Therapies

Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” works along with “Casa Luna Spa”. It therefore offers:

Sweat lodges (Healing, herbal, sauna hailing from Native Americans in the United States and Canada)

Therapeutic massages, Reflexology, Hindu massage, Yoga sessions, Guided meditations, and Tai Chi.

  • Rituals

Andean and Amazonian Shamanic Rituals, rituals with sacred plants from the Andes and the Amazon, ritual dances, burnt offerings, coca readings.