The Condor and the Eagle

The Aymara Elder of Tiwanaku



In the Bolivian Andes *Can be combined with previous ten day visit to the Sacred Lake Titikaka, the Island of the Sun and the land of the Kallawaya Shamans, The Bolivian Sun-Moon Dance. During three days of ritual dancing and fasting, in La Paz, Bolivia, in front of sacred mt. Illimani, many people from all over the world will gather for this potent blessing rite around the "tree of life"'. we will be blessed by the presence of aymara musicians who will encourage the dancers with their sacred "kantus" drumming and singing, as well as with the presence of aymara amauta elder(wise-man, healer) keeper of tiwanaku, don policarpio flores, who will offer traditional burnt-offering ceremonies to the earth, the mountains and celestial beings. (Need to arrive 3 days earlier to adapt to altitude) Then we will begin the three day dance-an- fast; an incredible opportunity to transcend self-imposed limitations and glimpse sacred realms through prayer and effort. We will conclude the dance with a feast.

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