Sun-Moon Dance


Sun-Moon Dance

Hailing from Beautifully Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael), we dance for three days and a half forsaking all food and water, blowing on whistles made of avian bones, accompanied by the sacred sounds of Andean music. The purpose of the dance is to offer the Great Spirit all we truly have, our effort, devotion, concentration and prayers, in an effort to bless all life, sentient beings, communities families, and our own lives. Although it is a dance that comes from North American native traditions, this dance was brought to Bolivia in 1997, fulfilling a prophecy mentioning the encounter between eagle and condor (North and South American traditions).

Since then Don Policarpio Flores, wise amauta Aymara from Tiwanaku, has become our spiritual grandfather, giving us permission and support for each dance taken place since then. In the same fashion Don Apolinar Ramos, leader and renowned Kallawaya healer, comes from afar along with 16 other Kallawayas to be with us and bless us with their traditional music and  offerings to the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), Achachilas ( Guardians of the Mountains), and many other beings from all three worlds ( above, below, and the one we live in).

The dance takes place within a corral which has a “Y” shaped tree place at the center representing the tree of life with its masculine and feminine aspects. It also represents the worlds axis, or the vertical line that passes through all three worlds and as our dorsal spine does, represents our center. The dancers then unite the center of the corral with the periphery, which represents the joining of Divine Inspiration with our everyday lives, harmonizing our existence with that of divine manifestation. As the dancers move forward towards the tree they bless the present and the future and with their movements back towards the periphery they bless the personal as well as collective past, thus purifying, and healing the line from the beginning to the end of time. Dancing vigorously and with devotion, we mobilize all our internal energy, so that with the heat we accumulate by not drinking water, all our impurities are burnt and liberated, allowing our inner light to come out and bless us.

After a couple of days dancing, the period where we purify dense energies is past, dancers may feel like they are about to die and believe themselves incapable of continuing. At this moment a new, renewing energy blesses the dancers, gives them instructions, visions, and strength to continue. This is the moment when healing and blessings for those accompanying us and supporting us take place.

Once again, this dance is not solely for the empowerment and blessing of the dancers but for all living beings. Once dances for the continuation of life. The presence and support of our friends and family is very important because they help prepare the corral, the tobacco prayer ties and sow the dancers’ dance apparel. We send our blessings and thanks to all our brothers and sisters that perform this dance and other’s as well with similar intentions. We all have the same goal of trying to bless life and preserve it for future generations.

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